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David Santiago, owner & founder of Casa Santi, LLC, is know for a clear and distinct vision that transcends into the world of Fine Arts. 
He caters to clients who seek the unique creative details that make a space really special, blending a traditional sensibility with the unexpected. It only made sense to expand Casa Santi, LLC into production, brand ambassadorships and artists representation, unifying all creative platforms from Residential to Hospitality, achieving the "Hospidential Experience".
Meet Ricardo Monge:

Ricardo Monge was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, where he lived until graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Puerto Rico. After graduation, he got accepted to the prestigious Pratt Institute, NYC where he completed his Master’s degree program in Fine Arts (MFA), majoring in printmaking, with a minor in multi-media (graphic design, photography & video). After completion, he was eager to change surroundings and gain professional experience as an artist and graphic designer. In order to do so, he decided to move London, travel Europe and experience the richness of different cultures evoking his Latin Heritage.


Living in Puerto Rico, New York and London, in addition to artist residencies in Skopelos, Greece, fostered in him an experimental attitude that attracted him to work and combine a variety of media (painting, printmaking, photography/video and graphic design), ultimately integrating these into his own creative language. His diversified background and exposure to these new experiences defined his point of view of the world today. 

Welcome to the Art Gallery:

Color Me Judy

POPera Legend Series

The Garden of the Edenas

Dancing Edenas


You can choose to have the artwork printed in metal as part of his limited editions. Limited editions of 15 per piece. Each piece is signed and numbered in the back.
You can choose to have the artwork mounted in metal as part of his limited editions. Limited editions of 15 per piece. Each piece is signed and numbered in the back.


We have several original one-of-a-kind pieces created as mixed media masterpieces, filled with color, texture, gold leaf, gloss and visual magic.

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